Work With Us

Thank you for your interest in delivering leaflets in Melbourne!

We are looking for motivated teams to undertake the delivery of leaflets and magazines. Each team member can earn between $80 and $150 for 4 to 6 hrs delivery work.

The more you deliver the more you get paid so if you want to deliver 8hrs to 10hrs a day you can (the rates are paid by quantity delivered and completed maps).

You will need a suitable vehicle to reach the locations i.e car, van, ute and to maximise your returns a push bike. If you have a car and a couple of friends that want work and to see Melbourne then this is for you.

This is a great opportunity to earn quickly, work flexible hours and get out and about around Australia…..

  • We provide a delivery map for the area with delivery instructions.
  • You collect the material from our warehouse in Port Melbourne.
  • We issue you with a GPS unit and the GPS must be used during the delivery to validate the areas delivered.
  • You deliver the material within the time frame provided.
  • You send us an invoice for each completed area and return the GPS unit.
  • We validate the GPS and visually inspect the area.
  • You get paid once the area has been signed off by our customer.

Its easy to apply (see  button below) once you have registered we will contact you to arrange an induction.  Once complete you can then load your vehicle and start earning!!

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